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11 Maio 2023

Dark Minimalism

The concept of luxury has undergone a transformation over time, and with the rise of minimalism, it has taken on a new form. The idea of luxury no longer revolves around excessive opulence or flamboyance but is now focused on …

23 Fevereiro 2023

Open Floor Plan | Decorating Ideas

Open plan living has become the signature of a modern home, helping to make our environments more social and inclusive. The fluidity between spaces creates an incredible harmony with multiple functions, bringing together rest, leisure and moments spent with family …

22 Setembro 2022

Kintsugi as a Design Style

In a translation of “golden journey,” Kintsugi is a concept that comes from ancient Japanese art, which consists of patching broken pottery with a powdered glaze of gold, silver or platinum. What makes this piece so special is instead of …

07 Julho 2022

5 collections, 5 iconic pieces

A brand that preserves its personality and irreverence, Stylish Club seeks to include in all its collections memorable pieces that tell a story and that make a difference in your space.    From artistic concepts and inspirations of our designers …

23 Junho 2022

Haussmann´s architecture

What is Haussmann architecture?   Haussmann’s architecture emerged under Napoleon III’s second empire, when he decided to transform Paris as a result of demographic growth, which consequently influenced traffic and overcrowding in the city.   All this led to the …