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22 Setembro 2022

Kintsugi as a Design Style

In a translation of “golden journey,” Kintsugi is a concept that comes from ancient Japanese art, which consists of patching broken pottery with a powdered glaze of gold, silver or platinum. What makes this piece so special is instead of …

07 Julho 2022

5 collections, 5 iconic pieces

A brand that preserves its personality and irreverence, Stylish Club seeks to include in all its collections memorable pieces that tell a story and that make a difference in your space.    From artistic concepts and inspirations of our designers …

23 Junho 2022

Haussmann´s architecture

What is Haussmann architecture?   Haussmann’s architecture emerged under Napoleon III’s second empire, when he decided to transform Paris as a result of demographic growth, which consequently influenced traffic and overcrowding in the city.   All this led to the …