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02 Dezembro 2022

Álvaro Siza Vieira | The Portuguese Architect

Winner of the Pritzker and Mies Van der Rohe prizes, Siza Vieira is one of the most remarkable architects that Portugal has ever seen flourish in its history. He is the author of world-renowned works such as the Porto School …

03 Novembro 2022

Oscar Niemeyer | Free and sensual curves

  Oscar Niemeyer was one of Brazil’s greatest architects and his memorable curve of life and work have designed Brazil and the World. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1907, Oscar Niemeyer was a key figure in the development and …

06 Outubro 2022

Zaha Hadid | The Queen of Curves

Designated as the queen of curves, Zaha Hadid is an Iraqi-British architect known for her deconstructivist designs, which liberated architectural geometry, giving it a whole new expressive identity.   “Unwavering in her commitment to modernism,” Zaha Hadid presented herself as …

08 Setembro 2022

Walter Gropius: The father of Bauhaus

One of the most renowned architects of the 20th century, Walter Gropius was one of the founders of Modernism and the founder of the Bauhaus, Germany’s revolutionary art school, founded in 1919. Considered the first school of design, it embraced …

11 Agosto 2022

Frank Lloyd Wright | Falling Water

Born June 8, 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright is not only one of the world’s greatest architects but also the most controversial and inspiring. A solitary genius, he was a writer, art collector, philosopher, and visionary, and all of these designations …

14 Julho 2022

Mies Van der Rohe | “Less is More”

Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe is one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, recognized for his crucial role in the most far-reaching architectural movement of his time: Modernism.   Born in Germany, Mies’s career began in the …