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Designers Who Inspire Us

07 Dezembro 2023


Being inspired by impeccable execution, bold conceptual choices and the agility to metamorphose a space into a manifestation of your desires adds an inherent value, awakening the maximum potential of our brand. 


With this spirit in mind, we present to you three interior design brands that mirror our own appreciation. Just as the mastery of execution inspires us, the audacious selection of ideas and elements and the agility to transform spaces into true reflections of desire, these brands offer a parallel experience for enthusiasts of exceptional interior design. Explore and immerse yourself, like us, in the world of these visionary creators.


Goddard Littlefair 


Founded by Martin Goddard and Jo Littlefair, this London and Porto-based firm is more than just a design studio; it’s a celebration of diversity, individuality, and the pursuit of new inspirations. Their story is one of passion, exploration, and a commitment to weaving narratives into the fabric of their designs.


At the heart of Goddard Littlefair‘s approach is the belief that a property has a soul, and understanding it is key to crafting a design narrative with integrity. The team, comprised of architects and designers, are not just creators; they are storytellers who put the people inhabiting a space at the forefront of their designs.


Martin and Jo, the visionary founders, draw inspiration from their lifelong travels, infusing their designs with a global perspective. This not only drives their creativity but also builds a profound understanding of creating interiors that linger in the imagination.




Belvedere Gardens Penthouse


In 2021, Goddard Littlefair showcased its prowess with the Belvedere Gardens Penthouse, a “crowning glory” in the Southbank Place Development. Spanning 3862 sq ft, this luxury residence offers three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a kitchen overlooking the iconic London Eye.


The design journey began with crafting a narrative for the future resident, allowing the team to tailor every detail to their personality and lifestyle. From hand-picked, hand-crafted artwork to a floor-to-ceiling leather-backed bookcase, every element reflects the spirit of the Southbank, infusing energy and creativity into the space.




Whistler Square, Chelsea Barracks Residences


Goddard Littlefair’s expertise extends to the historic enclave of Chelsea Barracks, where they contributed to creating a new neighbourhood in London’s esteemed Belgravia district. Each residence is a unique aesthetic journey, evolving from the envisioned lifestyles of its future inhabitants – a retired lawyer, an art dealer, a perfumier, and an innovator.


The design team skillfully wove visual ‘clues’ into the fabric of the residences, using wall coverings from Phillip Jeffries, Tektura, and Altfield to add depth, texture, and refinement. Reflecting the personalities, cultural backgrounds, and interests of the imagined residents, these spaces are more than just residences; they are living stories, told through meticulous design choices.



Credits: Text and image from Goddard Littlefair Website



Shai Designs


In Riyadh, where modernity meets tradition, Shai Designs stands as a beacon of creativity. Established in 2017, this boutique firm seamlessly blends customer-oriented design with efficient project management. Their portfolio includes private residences, offices, commercial projects, as well as design studies and consultancy


Notable Projects by Shai Designs


Private Residences: Shai Designs leaves an indelible mark on Riyadh’s residential landscape, creating homes that seamlessly integrate comfort and style.


Office Spaces: The firm’s foray into office design strikes a balance between functionality and contemporary aesthetics, fostering creativity and efficiency.


Commercial Projects: Shai Designs excels in creating atmospheres that leave a lasting impression, understanding the brand identity and elevating the customer experience.



Credits: Text and image from Shai Designs Website



Eye on Design


Eye on Design is a place where it is believed that a home should narrate the story of one’s life, incorporating colours, materials, and arrangements that align with individual interests and personality. Expressive decor is offered from the very beginning. Understanding the colours and styles that inspire positive energy allows for drastic or subtle changes, adding joy, peace, or creativity to homes or offices, and Eye on Design wishes to accompany clients on that transformative journey.


Their eclectic world of interiors offers an interesting journey through various styles, patterns, shapes, and themes for all design lovers. They aim to inspire clients with their products to create an interior that will be loved. In their store, clients can always count on the help and advice of the Eye on Design team, who will do their best to answer all questions and doubts. They want clients to be satisfied not only with their products and services but also with their interior—after all, that’s what they’re there for.



Credits: Text and image from Eye on Design Website