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Care and Maintenance


Stylish Club products are carefully designed with prime quality materials, finishes and construction methods to meet the demands of everyday life. With the following clean and care recommendations, you can guarantee your products’ durability for many years to come. Keep these recommendations at hand for a quick reference. If you have any further questions, our sales representatives will be glad to assist you.




To remove dust, use a soft, damp cloth. If needed use specific wood cleansing products. Be very careful while cleaning wood to avoid scratching the surface.


Direct exposition to sunlight can alter the colour of the wood and lacquer.


Never use any solvents, products containing solvents, or aerosols as they may damage the wood.




Remove marble or stone parts with a soft, dry cloth.


In case of stains caused by liquids or greasy substances, immediately wipe them off with an absorbent cloth and, later, clean the surface with a damp cloth with lukewarm water.


For stubborn substances, use a mild neutral soap or alcohol-free detergent.


Always clean any stains from a liquid substance immediately in order to avoid any permanent blemishes.


Do not use any products containing acetone, ammonia, chlorine or solvents, abrasive products and furniture polish, since these might permanently damage the surface of the product, leaving marks or making it look opaque.




Remove dust using a damp cloth with glass detergent or alcohol diluted with water, and then dried with a soft cloth. Be very careful while cleaning the glass to avoid scratching the surface.


Never use any solvents, products containing solvents or aerosols as they may damage the glass.




Wash surface with a clean, lightly dampened cloth soaked in mild detergent and warm water. Do not use any chemical products or abrasive cleaners, as they can permanently damage the finish. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean soft cloth. Do not use solvents or abrasive kitchen cleaners.


Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth.


Regularly polish the chrome-plated or polished parts with metal polishing products to ensure durability.




Rotate removable cushions frequently to promote uniform wear and increase longevity.


Vacuum upholstery weekly using the vacuum cleaner upholstery attachment to help maintain it and its comfort.


Annual cleaning by a professional upholstery cleaning service is recommended.


Take special care when spraying household chemicals and commercial products near upholstery.


To minimize fading and help maintain the upholstery in good conditions, avoid placing in direct sunlight or near radiators and fireplaces.




Use a clean and dry white hand towel or cloth to brush the entire piece of furniture. Avoid using any coloured towels or sponges, as the dye may alter the colour of the upholstery.


Use clear, cool water to help clean resistant spills. Never use hot water, which tends to set stains.


Never use any solvents or products containing solvents.




Clean regularly with a dry cloth and vacuum using the appropriate attachments to remove residual dust and prevent dirt buildup.


Leather furniture should be protected from exposure to sunlight and heat, which may cause the leather to dry and, eventually, crack.


Do not use products intended for wood furniture. These can stain and damage leather permanently.


Don’t leave spills standing over an extended period of time as they can be absorbed. Prevent these from turning into stains by blotting them immediately with a clean, dry, white cloth.


Never use any solvents or products containing solvents.




Use a soft clean cloth or a brush to remove debris and dirt from the upholstery surface. Vacuum clean your upholstered furniture with the special attachment of the vacuum cleaner designated for furniture.


If you want to remove stains from your velvet upholstered furniture, you should make the stain dry by applying a soft clean cloth on it to absorb the liquid and only then proceed by applying a dry-cleaning product on a damp clean cloth to remove the stain. Don’t apply too much strain on it as this can damage the fabric.


Use a steamer to restore the lustre and shine of the velvet. For the best possible result, move the steamer in the direction of the nap.