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Stylish Club stands out as a post-modern brand built on references from the past, while preserving the characteristics of a contemporary label within its aesthetic genesis. We focus on constantly rediscovering distinctive connections between different objects and materials.
More About Brand History

More About Brand History

At Stylish Club we direct our philosophy at cultural plurality, while simultaneously ensuring the expression of personal identity in our club. We believe that each member of our club is a unique individual working towards the creation of products and environments that evoke a sense of individual and collective identity, of belonging to a distinct and sophisticated club. Stylish Club combines tradition and technology, thus creating a symbiotic relationship of perfect harmony between the artisanal and secular techniques of joinery and carpentry, as well as the advantages inherent to the use of new technologies in the production of furniture. The brand develops prestigious furniture through the creation of a differentiated design, inspired by a sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle, where tradition is constantly reinterpreted under contemporary and innovative frames. Paying special attention to the environment, as well as every material and detail, Stylish Club adds a touch of luxury to the art of living by conceptualising unique interiors imbued with style. We want each member of our club to feel unique, privileged and to be able to take part in a global concept of interiors.

Be STYLISH, Join the CLUB!

Work Process

Thanks to the company's qualified and experienced artisans, they can craft products that exude tradition, precision, intricate detail, and elegant quality.

01 Designing

02 Production

03 Shipping

The process of designing our products begins with a fusion of our brand identity, our designers' inspirations, and our clients' needs. This is followed by the creation of a conceptual mood board and sketches, and the development of a 2D layout to ensure the product's feasibility and accurate proportions. Once we have determined its viability, we proceed to 3D modelling before executing the final piece.
To meet the demands of the present era, the company has incorporated state-of-the-art machines that can handle even the most intricate projects. The brand places great emphasis on reducing its environmental footprint and has established a sustainable and environmentally friendly policy, which has been conscientiously upheld over the years.
The transportation of our products undergoes a rigorous process of management and quality control, which includes analysis and packaging in our warehouse to ensure they are sent without any faults. Our commitment to excellence in execution and delivery sets us apart.


Our showrooms provide a space where you will feel completely at ease, welcoming clients with unequalled comfort and service, while showcasing our exclusive and luxurious products.

Multipark Showroom

R. do Multipark I, N 36/54 4595-542, Seroa - Paços de Ferreira, Portugal

Boutique Foz Showroom

Esplanada do Castelo 138 4150-059, Porto, Portugal

CC. Domóvel Showroom

R. de S. José, 159-98 Lote 7 4594-909, Seroa - Paços de Ferreira, Portugal

The Team



The brand was created out of the necessity to produce exclusive and high-quality furniture. This dream was envisioned by the Barbosa family over a decade ago.



Responsible for managing customer orders and invoices to ensure the smooth running of the entire purchase and delivery process.



The commercial role is crucial in establishing a transparent and direct link with customers. Their primary objective is to ensure customer satisfaction.



Responsible for creating, prototyping, altering, and maintaining the complete range of furniture products offered by the brand.



Responsible for the pre-assembly of furniture, packaging, transportation, and on-site assembly at the customer's location. This role is essential for delivering an excellent service.



The Marketing Team is the Club's brand's voice, crafting messages and campaigns to connect with you. They research, create, and analyse to build awareness and interest in the Club's masterpieces.