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The Toro Collection | The Beauty of Organic Materials

02 Julho 2024

The Toro Collection embodies the essence of Stylish Club’s aesthetic principles, flawlessly blending the purity of form with the serenity of organic, natural influences that define today’s trends. This self-assured collection remains true to its design heritage while embracing contemporary movements.


Celebrating the beauty of organic materials and graceful curves, the Toro Collection translates these elements into elegant details that align with the Stylish Club ethos. Each piece is crafted to effortlessly integrate into new spaces, while retaining the distinctive character of our brand.



Through its refined designs, this collection highlights the art of creating expansive structures with slender forms, and the harmonious fusion of luxurious materials such as marble, wood, and metal.


Inspired by the brand’s heritage and culture, the Toro Collection its an ode to the Club’s dedication to showcasing the finest in architecture and interior design to the world. It is a celebration of our journey, maintaining the aesthetic language that characterizes us while embracing the pulse of current trends.



The Club has carefully documented this journey with this exclusive brand new booklet. Developed to be a visual narrative that takes you behind the scenes, showcasing the sketches and design evolution that bring each furniture piece to life this catalogue serves as an ode to craftsmanship and creativity, beautifully illustrating how ideas become reality.


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