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A Design Tale of Craftsmanship

21 Março 2024

In today’s world of mass production, Stylish Club believes that exceptional design is born from a blend of creativity and years of expertise from experienced craftsmen. 


Each piece we produce tells a story, not only through its form and function, but also through the unique handiwork applied in its creation. Using time-honoured techniques to bring wood, fabric and metal to life, these men and women ensure that each sofa, chair or table you own is not just another piece of furniture, but something unique, with characteristics that no other will have.


There’s a special magic in knowing that a piece has been created just for you, connecting you to something truly unique.


Dive into a story that will spark your imagination. Three chapters await.





The journey begins with inspiration, fueled by art, nature, culture, or even personal experiences. Designers immerse themselves in a world of creativity, sketching ideas and exploring unique concepts. This phase involves brainstorming sessions, moodboards, and the identification of design themes that will set the tone for the entire collection.


When a designer’s pencil meets a blank sheet of paper, it’s a truly mesmerizing moment – a reminder that the true beauty of things often lies in refined details and graceful lines.




Aligning the legacy of Portuguese woodworking with cutting-edge craftsmanship, the Club pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation with every creation.


Beyond the design, true luxury furniture lies in the hands of the artisans. These skilled craftspeople breathe life into the concepts, employing a timeless blend of tradition and cutting-edge techniques. From the meticulous hand-carving to intricate inlay work and flawless joinery, each piece stands as an ode to painstaking effort. It is at this stage that the piece of furniture comes out of the paper and takes on a soul and shape, the result of the craftsman’s dedication to every detail.




A relentless team, forever forging groundbreaking furniture design.


During construction, meticulous quality control ensures every element achieves flawless execution. From the design’s perfect symmetry to the materials’ inherent integrity, each detail undergoes rigorous scrutiny. The slightest imperfection is meticulously addressed, and the pieces are relentlessly refined until they embody the very essence of uncompromising luxury.


Once meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, each piece is carefully packaged to ensure it arrives at your interior project in pristine condition, ready to elevate your design vision.