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Haussmann´s architecture

23 Junho 2022
What is Haussmann architecture?


Haussmann’s architecture emerged under Napoleon III’s second empire, when he decided to transform Paris as a result of demographic growth, which consequently influenced traffic and overcrowding in the city.


All this led to the need to modernise the capital and Napoleon chose Baron Haussmann to conduct an urban restructuring plan. All the buildings in this plan resulted in the creation of the Haussmann style, characterised by blocks of buildings connected by symmetrical outdoor areas, as the main purpose was to unify and give cohesion to the image of Paris.


Today, these buildings represent 60% of Parisian buildings. Although its style is inspired by other European cities, it retains its distinctive charm and is blessed with exceptional architectural beauty. 



Outstanding features of Haussmann’s architecture



The Haussmann style is distinguished by a number of different aspects. The exterior of the building is one of its most remarkable visual features. Built in stone, it conjures up a coherent architectural line: the lines are all similar and of identical height, not exceeding 6 storeys. On the 2nd and 5th floors the balcony adds a very interesting linear look.

  • The ground and mezzanine floors are intended for shops only.
  • The second floor has the highest ceilings in the building, as well as a balcony and distinctive frames. This floor was intended for the higher class families, namely the nobility.
  • The third and fourth floors were the most conventional, especially when lifts began to appear, these spaces became the most sought after.
  • The fifth floor always has a long balcony. The interior finishings are more understated, but the splendorous view over the roofs makes this the most coveted floor nowadays.
  • The top floor, which used to serve as an attic and a space for domestic servants, has now been transformed into a bohemian-chic style that has attracted many admirers.




Haussmann’s Interiors


Haussmann architecture stands out with its refined interiors, filled with noble materials and decorations, where the floors are hardwood floors based on a spine pattern, as well as terracotta tiles. Prussian or marble fireplaces are an integral part of this style.


The Hassmann flats are distinguished by their large halls at the entrance, leading to the bedrooms. The main rooms are spacious and boast large windows that radiate incredible light, including beautiful interior woodwork (bookcases, wardrobes, shelves…)


The timeless appeal it gives to the city of Paris reflects the success of this style that has carried over between centuries.











Stylish Club – Landform Collection


In a Haussmanian inspiration, you will find in the Landform collection the noblest characteristics of this style. A discrete colour palette, between off-white and white, an avantgarde atmosphere that emphasises the nature of the materials, the simplicity of the designs and the sophistication of unlikely combinations. Our brand now arrives to bring out innovation, style and luxury in the most iconic design pieces.



Landform Sofa


Extraordinarily versatile, the modular Landform sofa is designed to accommodate all requirements of layout and use. Its eclectic style makes it capable of embracing an interesting variety of tastes and offers several customised design solutions. A comfort you can feel in your eyes.


A sofa fully adapted to your needs, the landform sofa has multiple modules so you can fit this piece of comfort into your living room. A sophisticated design that will fill your atmosphere with warmth and elegance.


Landform Dining Table


A piece that provides the best family moments, the Landform dining table adds sublime finesse to the dining room. With an oak wood structure and a polished ceramic dekton top, this piece completes the Lanform collection in an exclusive and luxurious aura.


The space of unforgettable meals, the Landform dining table assumes a unique conviviality area, harmoniously combining with the rest of the decoration the dining room.


Landform Sideboard


An excellent support for the dining area, the Landform Sideboard in a dark oak frame brings out its beauty in the fluidity of the design conceived to be practical and functional, while at the same time elevating the decor of the room.


The brushed bronze metal base features the elegant signature of Stylish Club in the dining room. A beautiful piece to add to your elegant dining room. The oak frame gives this piece strength, high quality and exquisiteness visible to the eye of true interior design lovers. Subtle luxury.




Landform Armchair


With a comfortable backrest and supportive arms, the stylish Landform armchair upholstered in plain fabric features matte oak wood legs. Nordic-inspired in grey and beige, this armchair adds a warm, minimalist touch to any setting.


A design piece that combines comfort and aesthetics, the Landform armchair will fill your relaxing and reading areas with excellence. The light and delicate design delivers a unique elegance and charm. 


The structure of the Landform armchair allows a perfect fit to your body, embracing you with an exceptional coziness. An inspiration for your living room in a Scandinavian style.