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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

19 Fevereiro 2024

Have you ever felt like your rooms could use a little…more? Craving a brighter, airier feel, or maybe a touch of magical depth? The answer might be closer than you think, staring back at you from the wall itself: mirrors. Don’t underestimate these beauties! Placing them strategically can transform your space, unlocking hidden potential and delighting your guests.


Bearing this in mind, and taking into account the catalogue of mirrors offered by the Club, we have selected mirrors that will certainly make a difference in your projects. Each detail, from tailored finishes to unique shapes and colors, is placed with purpose, reflecting not just your image, but your distinctive personality.


Bridge Mirror


Inspired by the Golden Bridge itself, this mirror has been carefully designed to include simple elements to create an idyllic setting. The Bridge Mirror isn’t just a reflection, it’s a luxe statement. Its unique shape adds sophistication and the bronze-velvet contrast creates a distinctive touch. Perfect for exquisite projects, it elevates any space with strategic design.



Circle Mirror


Produced with high end materials, the Circle Mirror is a versatile piece that blends perfectly with any decorative environment. Its circular shape and lacquered frame deliver a minimalist and versatile design that brings life and dimension to any space. Perfect for foyers or bedrooms, its simple elegance adds a touch of modern sophistication.



Niagara Mirror


Classic beauty meets modern edge in this exquisitely handcrafted piece. The gold edge of this mirror gives it a unique glamour and charm. This detail makes this piece blend in discreetly with the rest of the decor, enhancing the natural light – which enters your space through its reflection – almost like a celestial aura.



Craving a truly one-of-a-kind piece? Ditch the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary! Bespoke your mirror to seamlessly blend with your vision, whether it’s maximizing light in a small space or drawing attention to a stunning architectural detail. Our team of expert designers will help you to create a piece that reflects your story.


Forget the looking glass to Wonderland, the Club’s mirrors are your doorway to tell your own story. From maximizing small spaces to highlighting architectural gems, these versatile pieces offer endless possibilities. Just remember, unlike Alice, you won’t need to worry about shrinking or growing – your only risk is falling in love with the stunning new world this mirrors create!