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Margem Sofa | A Contemporary Form of Art

20 Maio 2024

As a fundamental part of any home, a sofa is the central piece of every living room, dictating the aesthetic that will predominate in the space. An element that must be adapted to the needs and desires of each resident, ensuring a joyful experience brimming with comfort every time one wears it while maintaining a luxurious and graceful appearance. Born in the headwaters of the contemporary, Margem Sofa is a superb creation in the world of interior design that recreates the tender touch of a river.



An Interior Design Must-Have


Making a statement in any common space, this furniture piece is endowed with a character as strong as the water thalweg. Developed to integrate the most demanding projects, this creation shows how you can have the luxury of comfort and exquisite design subtly.


Margem Sofa would be an exceptional choice for an elegant living room in a sophisticated open space, creating a natural division between the leisure area and the dining space. Its neutral colour palette transforms this contemporary piece into a white canvas that can be painted to one’s unique taste with elegant pillows or decorative blankets.



A Shape-Shifting Body


A singular interior design element that stands out for its modular design, allowing it to be as moldable as water, with countless possibilities to rearrange its configuration so it can better complement the dimensions of the space. Composed of four distinctive modules each one offers something new, from additional support to a magnificent chaise longue allowing for extra seating space. 


The finishes can also be customized as desired, whether one prefers a different shade of wood or requires a different type of fabric, this sofa offers the possibility to make it truly yours and transform it into one of a kind.




The Core Of The Creation


Emerging from an exquisite combination of noble materials and wholehearted commitment of skillful artisans, each detail of the Margem Sofa was thoughtfully designed to create a level of relaxation difficult to find elsewhere. Countless hours were invested to capture the essence of a river in this furniture item, which can be seen every time one sinks in the deepest pleasure that is this cushioned seating. 


The dark brown oak and black epoxy contrast with the light gray fabric which, together, find harmony with the terra cotta leather used in the additional backrest support that helps maintain a correct posture without forfeiting the luxury conveyed in its appearance. Even the seams are so precise that the thread piercing the fabric resembles a river’s stream of water going down the curves of the canal, naturally leading the needle in the right direction.



Margem Sofa is everything one could desire in its living room – cozy seating with a spellbinding beauty – indicating nothing less than amazing taste. Once you experience the delight of this interior design furniture piece, you will understand that nothing will ever be able to measure up to it.