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Oeiras Villa

Reserved, sophisticated and exclusive, this villa exudes the certainty of the right choices. The same certainties include brown, terracotta, beige and black colours, alternating with straight and curved lines to give the rooms an interesting dynamic.

The natural light invasion makes the pieces breathe in harmony, emphasising the style that is discreet but noticeable and appreciated. This house feels like a timeless family home where its verticality and selective taste for design that stands the test of time stand out.


Jota Barbosa Interiors


Private Villa



Reserved and discreet entrance hall


This entrance hall is reserved and discreet and in order to maintain this aesthetic our clients chose to keep only the pieces necessary to enhance the whole aura. The Her stool was the ideal choice for the entrance to the Oeiras villa.

A living room with so much charm


Never has a living room seen so much charm happen at the same time. The pieces look like puzzle pieces that fit together without any doubt. The His sofa is one of the main protagonists, with a fabric aligned to give body to this radiant atmosphere. This configuration made it possible to add a small seating area so that our client could enjoy a warm and comfortable space for leisure time.


The decorations are simple and follow the same rhythm as the rest of the space’s design. That way everything can be in harmony and no detail is left to chance.

The shared dining room


Live in simplicity and remain in it with respect and pride. To create this feeling, you need the essentials of a contemporary living room, the Elea dining table and the chairs. The Elea dining table seats six people and is perfect for large spaces. It rests on a foot with brushed brass detailing, which gives it a touch of luxury.


To enhance this dining area, the team chose a sideboard with a Nordic design, giving the room a modern and natural ambience while providing additional support and storage space.

Intimacy lives in the reading corners


For a good chat or a rest in company, the Passione armchair gives the desired elegance combined with the Natur side tables. Linking the two pieces brings out the piano and emphasises the nobility of the interior design.


In the Passione armchair, the backrest adapts perfectly to your back, giving you all the comfort you need when resting. A neutral-coloured piece that blends in with a variety of decorative styles. The organic, minimalist lines of the Natur side tables are inspired by nature. The contrast between natural materials results in an elegant combination. A modern set that adds a natural touch to any environment.


We have one of the brand’s best-sellers, the Natur console from this corner. The minimalist line of the Natur console, designed using natural materials, is inspired by nature. A versatile, Nordic-style piece that complements any decorative environment.

A light and restful energy


The feeling in the bedroom of Oeiras Villa is energising and peaceful. The blue wallpaper was a proposal to bring peace and well-being to this space. The highlight is the Porto bed, which has a cosmopolitan design with sophisticated side curves upholstered in soft, high-quality fabric.


To support this decision, the Sevillha night table in darker wood blends in perfectly with the light tones of the space. Pieces where practicality combines with aesthetics, these pieces are essential in our clients’ routines, and so their presence in the space was inevitable.


The Terra bench finished off the design of the bed with sophistication, thanks to its modern minimalist style. This is a decorative piece that fits into any bedroom, due to its versatility and elegance, adding a touch of charm to the room.


In the area for self-care and preparing for another day at work, a minimalist dressing table was designed to accompany this moment, along with the Club armchair in the nook and the Heritage mirror, which made the space breathe and emphasised the room’s natural light.

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