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Viseu Villa

A house with an enchanting location, Viseu Villa is the embodiment of care, affection and respect in creating cosy and modern environments for its residents. The motto is to let the materials run free and the architecture shine through.

This project stands out for its modern approach, with neutral tones boldly interrupted by pieces in green, a colour that brings life and originality to the room. This choice is a way of celebrating nature without excess and exaggeration.


Jota Barbosa Interiors


Private Villa



A bright and natural entrance hall


The entrance of the house has been decorated with the utmost care to maintain an innate identity of light, architectural beauty, and simplicity for those who inhabit it. The natural light flowing into the interior, with high ceilings, adds a special touch to this enveloping space. The concept of ‘celebration’ has been incorporated from the entrance, where each piece has been designed to make residents and visitors always feel welcome.


To add additional charm to the already splendid space, the team opted for a Fortune console with straight and well-defined lines, in a lighter tone, to enhance the luminous atmosphere, along with a custom Slender mirror and a pendant ceiling lamp by the staircase.

The sublime union of an authentic open space


The living room at Viseu Villa invites comfort and family sharing in an authentic way. The Capri coffee tables complement the area surprisingly and highlight what is truly important.


The wood slat covering in the living room draws attention to an area where natural light and moments of conviviality intertwine. Rest elements, like the Miami armchairs, are strategically arranged, enveloping the space and seamlessly integrating with the dining area.

The relaxation room where time unfolds more gently and inspiringly


The relaxation room at Viseu Villa is of an unbelievably luxurious and delicate tone. Upon entering this space, we are immediately dazzled by the expanse of the staircase glass, framing the room and providing a sense of spaciousness that connects us with the outside world. It’s about slowing down and reflecting, a pause in the hectic routine where time unfolds more gently and inspiringly.


The Empire armchairs, with their elegant and comfortable design, embrace these moments of contemplation. The design aims for you to immerse yourself in a good book, a meaningful conversation, or simply surrender to silence.


The Fortune side table provides essential support to the environment. With its sophisticated and functional design, it is the perfect place to support a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine while enjoying the quiet view.

The true retreat of serenity


The carefully chosen colour palette creates a scene of tranquillity and elegance in the cosy suite of the villa in Viseu. Shades such as white, grey, beige, and cream reveal themselves as the perfect choice to create a serene atmosphere, enveloped in discreet luxury.


At the heart of this retreat of serenity, the His bed takes on the protagonist role, with its smooth design that adapts well to any decorative style, ensuring rest and absolute comfort.


Complementing this haven of well-being, the Bridge and Kensington night tables emerge as essential pieces, offering support and storage space in the couple’s bedroom.


The magic of Slender mirrors unfolds in this environment, reflecting the natural light that dances through the corners, visually enlarging the space. Next to Her chest of drawers, a piece that brings elegance and storage to the room in a subtle way, these combinations make up a dreamy bedroom.

A room full of memories and happiness


The place where dreams intertwine with reality is a teenager’s bedroom, a space where time marks its passage in a timeless way. For this room, the sighs of childhood that still echo have been taken into account, and the decoration expresses exactly that feeling, brought about by the Milos night table and the Sublime stool.



The essence of hospitality


The guest room is a sophisticated environment in shades of green, creating an adult and relaxing atmosphere. It has been designed to welcome guests with elegance, offering comfort and a place to rest.


The choice of furniture, fabrics, and design details were fully considered to ensure that guests feel welcome and flattered. This space offers high-quality amenities, creating an environment of relaxation and renewal. The essence of this room lies in welcoming guests so that they feel flattered in an intimate aura that induces a reset.

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