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Highlights Marbella Design & Art Fair

09 Novembro 2023

In collaboration with Stylish Club, Carrillo Projects & Interior Design Stuido has created a vital, elegant, and contemporary space for this new edition. Primary Love is a white space where your most primal emotions reside. The fascinating concept behind it included the pieces that Stylish Club had the privilege of composing.


Now, let us delve into the story behind Primary Love and the selected Stylish Club pieces.


Primary Love Concept – Laura Carrillo


Primary Love is a blank canvas where our most primal emotions reside. It’s the visual representation of an intangible scenario, a journey into the universe of our roots.


What is the place that harbours our deepest bonds, our vital traits, where we find everything that is no longer with us but still accompanies our soul every day? That place is Primary Love, the space born from the deepest love and inspiration, the need to imagine a real place for these emotions.


True to her style, Laura Carrillo has given shape to a vital, elegant, and contemporary space for this new edition of the Marbella Design Fair. The project’s aesthetics are a balance between neutral luminosity and vibrant colour. The essence of the space is a delicate exploration of white, unfolding in multiple formats and shades: the exquisite textures of ArteWalls coatings that warmly embrace the walls or the volumes of white upholstery in the latest designs from Stylish Club.


Technology plays a special role in the works of this edition, thanks to the sponsorship of Gira Ibérica, which has brought to life the most conceptual part of the space. Color takes on a dynamic role thanks to the company Eflux: 108 luminaries created expressly for this project shape “Serpentine,” a lamp that reproduces the reality of a unique “dance of light.”


Awarded last year for the “best fusion of art and interior design,” Laura Carrillo once again embraces art and limitless colour with the presence of the work “Caballo de Troya” by the artist Elvira Carrasco. A spectacular piece representing her style and her latest stage, “Faces Project 3D,” where her face becomes a canvas flooded with emotion and colour.



Contagious Atmosphere


An explosion of colours, patterns, and space to breathe, this edition promised everything and delivered even more. The concept of an ambience connected by art in various forms made this stand a dream. The Stylish Club pieces are found in an out-of-the-ordinary comfort zone that is simply gorgeous.


An imposing and powerful piece, the Her dining table follows a minimalist design that fits perfectly into any decorative environment. This edition of the Marbella Design and Art Fair was no different. Alongside this exclusive design piece, the Her chair asserts a very distinctive essence, both in its design and in the finishing materials that cover it. It was the favourite choice for this corner.



His & Her collection


The collection chosen for this issue is one of Stylish Club’s best sellers, the His & Her collection. Find out all about these pieces, customisable in both materials and finishes.



Her Sofa





His Side Table





Her Armchair





Her Dining Chair




Her Dining Table






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