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Best Sellers 2023 | Stylish Club

28 Dezembro 2023

What a year at Stylish Club… 2023 sought to surprise with choices that emphasised comfort, functionality and well-being. This year’s best-sellers were based around these characteristics, with the customer always having the good taste to select their favourite finishing materials.


Curious to know what the best-selling pieces of furniture will be in 2023? Get inspired and see what our customers’ favourite pieces are.



Her Armchair


This year, the Her armchair has been one of the most requested pieces in interior design projects. Its modern, classically inspired design emphasises the design of the seat back, adding a touch of charm to the piece. A modern and light choice for your living room, office or bedroom.


A must-have in any space, the Her armchair has a design of extreme comfort and style. The metal plinth provides excellent security and versatility, complemented by a sophisticated touch of polished brass. At this year’s Marbella Design & Art, the Her armchair stood out for its clean and surprising design, around the curves that embrace it.




His Coffee Table


To refresh living rooms with its grandeur and glamorous details, the His coffee table stands out for its elegant and contemporary aesthetic, adding a unique glamour to any living room. The square structure of the piece and its wooden top make it the modern rustic accent, ideal for large, minimalist spaces.




Her II Desk


As the highlight of this year’s desks, the Her II desk with its robust design has a large work surface with four drawers and two door modules with two shelves.  The wood gives the piece a unique elegance, a modern and avant-garde element with an aura of modesty, but also of luxury.




Olivier Side Tables


This year’s coffee table of choice was the Olivier side tables, a Nordic-inspired table that is the perfect representation of simplicity that shines through. This table emphasises irreverence and innovation in interior design. Attracted by the dynamism of the shapes, in a matt walnut structure, bet on this piece to boldly fill your living room.




Her Stool


The Her stool has made its presence felt in living room design and high-quality materials emphasise its simple design. The elegance of the rounded lines gives this piece the ideal extra place to rest. This is the representation of feminine delicacy that values discretion and sublime glamour. The corners of your home will be transformed into real spaces of admiration.



Porto Bed


The Porto bed has been a favourite resting place throughout 2023. The Porto bed brings out the beauty in any decoration project. Elegant and simple, it has a cosmopolitan design with sophisticated side curves upholstered in soft, high-quality fabric.




Terra Bench


One of the biggest hits in design this year, the Terra bench has been a must-have in modern bedroom decor. From the genesis of its minimalist style, the Terra stool is a decorative piece that adapts to any room. Comfort is now summarised in a single piece, distinguished by the highlighting of the upholstery, creating rounded shapes of excellent appreciation.