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Highlights Stylish Club | Salone del Mobile 2024

26 Abril 2024

Once more, Stylish Club had the wonderful pleasure of being part of Salone del Mobile Milano, bonding with club members and inviting new ones to join in our everlasting journey on the exploration of creative design. As a feeling of gratitude sets in the air, it’s almost impossible not to look back at some of the moments that marked this great week and relieve those precious memories.


This year, the Club got to explore a new facet of the brand, fully embracing a new concept that perfectly aligned with its values and beliefs while being in unanimity with people’s interests, which resulted in cherished conversations marked by the enthusiastic sharing of knowledge and creation of new connections.



raw (im)perfection concept


The vision for the concept of raw (im)perfection was born of a profound appreciation for nature’s imperfections, hidden in plain sight, full of character and singularity, and with a rebel free-spirited essence.


The authenticity that lies within the beauty of natural resources is unmatched. Extracted directly from the natural world and molded into unique pieces of furniture through processes that respect the anatomy of these materials, every element shines in each creation. Even though each piece respects its design, there are never two equals, from the grain marks of the wood that are unique to each piece to the distinctiveness of stone patterns full of personality.


Nature has been a source of inspiration since the beginning of time with its vivid colours, distinctive textures, and peculiar patterns. Stylish Club saw this edition of iSaloni as the perfect opportunity to pay homage to organic design by speaking about the truth of materials.



Stand Areas


Every year, Stylish tries to surpass itself, presenting a stand completely different from what has been done to date, keeping our members excited and wondering what the next step of the Club shall be. To accomplish this goal, in this edition it was built a small house, showcasing two common areas, with a welcoming atmosphere that invited people to explore the new products displayed on the stand.  


At the entrance, a stunning living room greeted you while it invited people to sit and take a moment to relax and connect with the other visitors. Hidden behind a magnificent accent wall with a built-in bookcase filled with decorative elements and catalogs ready to inspire countless artists, it was an elegant meeting area.




Exhibited Products


On the first day of the Salone del Mobile, Stylish Club revealed one of the projects that the brand has been working on for a while – The River Collection. This collection is composed of four other collections, three of which made their appearance in Stylish’s stand – Margem Collection, Ripa Collection, and Escarpa Collection – which, together, are able to reflect the essence of renewal perpetuated in a river’s motion. Some familiar collections also marked their presence with a few furniture pieces such as the Landform Armchair and Landform Console, the side tables Natur and Oliver, His II Chair, and the Cotton Sofa.




The best moments of this edition




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Stylish Club team is incredibly grateful to everyone who took the time to come by, visit the stand, and talk with us and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.


If you weren’t able to attend the 62nd edition of Salone del Mobile Milano click here to request information about everything you might have missed during this extraordinary week.