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Spring Fever | A Celebration of Nature

04 Março 2024

Welcome the vibrant spirit of spring and create a peaceful retreat at home with luxurious designs that blossom with style. The Spring Fever is a phenomenon often associated with a feeling of restlessness, associated with the end of winter. Spring awakens, and with it, a desire to bring its vibrant energy indoors.


When seeking to spark creative inspiration, harnessing the essence of nature and incorporating organic patterns can seamlessly infuse the vibrant spirit of Spring into indoor spaces, cultivating a dreamlike atmosphere within the scope of your home.


Celebrating excellence in savoir-faire and creation in all its forms, while representing spring as a state of mind, Stylish Club presents you with a unique collection that makes an impressive representation of organic shapes and a deep connection with the outside world. With a minimalist design and lines that evoke a sense of modernity and timelessness, the Natur Collection is a representation of the unique power of nature.



Natur Collection


With natural lines and using timeless materials – such as marble – the Natur Collection is a testament to the beauty of Nordic design and the nature that surrounds us.


Natur Armchair


The Natur Armchair, besides ensuring comfort, is a timeless decorative element. A Nordic and elegant style, with a matte walnut structure and soft velvet upholstered seat. Combine it with various decorative styles for a sophisticated look.



Natur Side Tables


The unusual, rounded top of the Natur Side Tables conveys a comfort to the eye. The perfect piece for a rustic living room, this side tables speaks for themselves. 



Natur Console


A must-have in the entry hall, the Natur Console is revealed by its minimalist shape, where it occupies the essential space for an inspiring environment.



An enchanting ode to Spring, this collection is a alluring journey into a world that celebrates revival, creativity, and visually striking aesthetics.