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Modern Living Rooms Inspirations

22 Junho 2023

Modernity calls for environments that embrace an evolving tone, where ergonomic design and the well-being of individuals take precedence, all while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic harmony. Within this context, the furniture pieces themselves must transcend mere functionality and instead contribute to the creation of a paradisiacal visual atmosphere.


In this enlightening article, we present a series of inspirations for living rooms, where Stylish Club has left an indelible mark with its selection of key pieces that prioritise both practicality and comfort. Our projections revolve around discerning your deepest desires and addressing your unique needs. Get ready to be enthralled by the flawless harmony found within these extraordinary interior design projects by Jota Barbosa Interiors.



Espinho Apartment


Living Room over light shades



The colour palette chosen for the living room was a combination of neutral tones, with shades of beige, cream, and white dominating the space. This choice created a sense of tranquility and elegance throughout the room. To add a touch of sophistication, the designers incorporated metallic accents in the form of decorative accessories and light fixtures.


The over light shades were a key feature of this project. Strategically placed in various corners of the room, these shades illuminated the space with a warm and inviting glow. They served both as functional lighting and as decorative elements, adding a cozy ambiance to the room.


To further enhance the luxurious feel of the living room, plush and comfortable rugs were placed on the floor, inviting guests to sink their feet into their softness. The windows were adorned with sheer curtains that allowed natural light to filter through, creating an airy and open atmosphere.


In terms of furniture, the designers carefully selected pieces that combined style and comfort. The sofa, with its rounded beige shapes, acted as a visual divider between different areas of the room. It was accompanied by a Slender coffee table and the Miami armchair, which added a modern touch to the space.


One of the standout features of the living room was the TV furniture panel. Rather than being a standalone piece, the designers cleverly utilized the existing architectural columns in the room. They created a fluted and smooth panel that connected the two columns, providing a dedicated space for the television on one side and a bookcase on the other. This innovative approach not only maximized the use of space but also added an interesting architectural element to the room.




Miramar Villa



A living room for family conviviality



The quiet of the evenings and the joy of the mornings, the living room highlights the alliance of good taste and elegance, and how they exude themselves in design choices that seek to fulfil our customers’ needs.


Creams, browns and golds are the backdrop of this modern environment, which bets on hidden organisation, but which exposes the most special details in a prominent place. Cream lacquer, wood, golden metal and marble are the main materials, giving a dimension to the natural beauty of the space.


As the protagonist of the living room we have the bookcase. The inspirations when pass from paper to reality are true art projects and here we could materialize that ideal. In a dynamic between these noble finishing materials, we can have in a single piece a tv furniture and a sophisticated bookcase, where the led light effect allows to create a more intimate and subtle aura.


The coffee table completed the visual of the environment in a full gracefulness. This elegant piece, with walnut structure and marble top, accentuated the personality of the contemporary style, that to assure a functional and elegant panorama, invests in the combination of several materials and textures. The Her console gave the necessary support to the living area, which became an authentic showcase of exclusive pieces. Everything here makes sense.




Cantanhede Villa



A Balanced and Simple Living Room



The living area prioritises tranquillity and comfort, which are essential after the hectic days. Wood adds a sense of safety and cosiness to the atmosphere, perfectly complemented by the light upholstery fabrics. Paintings bring personality and colour to the contemporary style, adding a touch of unique sophistication.


The Tokken sofa with a chaise lounge is ideal for a spacious living room, providing the perfect space to welcome friends and guests. The reclining backrest invites moments of relaxation. With its extremely comfortable and inviting soft velvet fabric upholstery, it tempts you to touch and sink into its comfort.


As a complement to the leisure area, we have the Capri small and large coffee tables. These tables feature a lacquered top with elemental graphite thermolaminate, resting on a matte black iron structure, giving them an elegant and contemporary look. The square shape of these coffee tables adds a distinctive and modern touch to the living room.


For moments of reading or finishing work, the custom armchairs fit perfectly into this interior design. They are set against the backdrop of two beautiful abstract paintings that bring vibrancy and joy to the environment.


Creating an atmosphere perfect for relaxing in front of the television is the custom TV cabinet. With its matte walnut and matte taupe lacquered structure, this piece serves as an ideal complement to this modern living room.


All the furniture pieces blend charmingly with the space, meeting the expectations our clients have for the environment.




Coronado Villa



A Modern, Minimalist, and Subtle Living Room



The living room in this project can be best described as modern, minimalist, and subtle. The use of natural walnut takes us back to the furniture’s natural origins, providing a surprisingly cosy atmosphere. The curved and uncomplicated design of the pieces creates a functional and understated living room ambiance.


This project was all about adding special touches. Customising the pieces according to the tastes and needs of our clients allowed us to develop a project where every detail matters. The sofa, upholstered in a beige fabric that aligns with the straight lines, the coffee table that combines a sleek silhouette with stability in a sophisticated design, and the furniture that exudes discretion and luxury were the key elements throughout the interior design of this space.



Living Room Essentials



The living room lives and recreates itself with pieces that are the image of this atmosphere. A comfortable and sophisticated sofa, a supportive coffee table, a TV stand to accompany the slower nights, and an armchair for brief reading breaks. Take a look at Stylish Club’s suggestions for key pieces for the living room.



Passione Armchair |

His Bookcase |

Natur Coffee Table |




Sevilha Tv Cabinet |

Landform Sofa |

Club armchair |



Credits | Jota Barbosa Interiors Projects