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A Practical Guide to Salone del Mobile 2024

10 Abril 2024

Once again, Stylish Club will be attending the highly anticipated Salone del Mobile.Milano. As a leading international event in the design industry, this event will gather the best of the best and serve as a connection between everyone passionate about this sector.


The 62nd edition brings together almost 1,900 exhibitors, of which 600 are the fruit of talented artists under 35 and students from 22 design schools. As per usual, the event will be hosted in the Rho Fiera Milan pavilions where one will be able to explore its many facets as this edition will count with Salone Internazionale del Mobile, EuroCucina, the Salone Internazionale del Bagno, the Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo, Workplace3.0, S.Project, and the SaloneSatellite.


To optimize your time and experience, Stylish Club has prepared a complete guide for this year’s Salone so you’re able to make the most out of this memorable event.



“Where Design Evolves”


Despite starting as a trade fair event Salone del Mobile is becoming increasingly global, an event of reference to everyone passionate about the industry. This year, iSalone aims to pay tribute to the evolution of this event and sector across the years, highlighting how they’ve embraced innovation throughout the decades, whether through the adoption of new trends, methodologies, or technological solutions.



The Meeting Point of the Design Industry


Salone del Mobile 2024 generates new business opportunities, as it is the perfect occasion to meet members of the international community and expand one’s network. In an environment where one is completely involved in the world of design, an entire sector comes together to discuss their unique projects while generating and exploring new ideas.



New Pavilions Layout


Due to the large scale of the event, there was a reorganization of the entire space to improve the participants’ visit. The new ring-shaped layout used for the biennial events was designed to be more intuitive, facilitating orientation, so people can fully immerse themselves in the experience. Instead of the usual 1.2 kilometer, attendees can explore all the exhibitions in just 640 meters, making their visit more practical and efficient.






EuroCucina | Pavilions 2 and 4


Transmitting values such as conviviality and well-being, the focus of this edition is to innovate kitchen design by offering unique solutions that create holistic design projects for contemporary living. With the support of its complementary event FTK – Technology For The Kitchen, EuroCunica will explore the concept of built-in technology and furnishing extractor hoods.


International Bathroom Exhibition | Pavilions 6 and 10


Counting with 180 exhibitors, this is the most notorious international event in the bathroom industry business. Having the main event’s core values in mind, this edition will advocate for environmental awareness and responsibility. The International Bathroom Exhibition reveals a special concern for the water footprint as well as energy expenditure, emphasizing how it doesn’t need to compromise the products’ visual appeal.


SaloneSatellite | Pavilions 5 to 7


“Connecting Design since 1998”. The 25th edition of the most prestige event for young designers makes a statement this year, encouraging artists from all over the globe to bring innovative ideas to the table. This year will also be held the SaloneSatellite Award, where the three best projects are recognized and up to two honorable mentions are assigned.




Culture & Sustainability


This year, Salon del Mobile has invested in a rich cultural program. Three main installations will be placed in the pavilions, the first one being “Interiors by David Lynch. A Thinking Room”, two identical rooms placed in front of each other. This piece of art symbolizes the expression of self, specifically of those who design interiors and how the outcome is the reflection of something from within.


The second one is “Under the Surface”, an exquisite project for the International Bathroom Exhibition brought to life by Emiliano Ponzi, Accurat and Design Group Italia, where a submerged island raises awareness for the consumption of one of the most important natural resources – water – while exhibiting how technological advancements are able to help us avoid waste. Additionally, EuroCucina will be hosting six international food magazines. By joining designers and chefs they were able to create a complete experience that combines art, conversation, and a gastronomic adventure.



The cultural events highlight the importance of sustainability and social responsibility as Salone del Mobile is committed to reduce its environmental impact with each passing year.


Welcome this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to breathe luxury as you’re surrounded by the most talented designers and reputable interior design brands. From the splendid venues to the unparalleled products displayed, Salone del Mobile is its own universe. As a place where every corner is filled with true pieces of art, this event is the place to inspire yourself and find the perfect elements to integrate your projects.