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Pontevedra Villa

Within an architectural and editorial narrative is where this interior design project finds itself. A villa with straight and clean lines, with natural light in every nook and cranny, with shapes that contrast the beauty of the space with the beauty of the pieces, the Pontevedra villa was, without a doubt, a project of distinguished recognition among the many successes of Stylish Club.

A house created to be lived essentially by the joy of children, this interior design was reflected in the subtlety of our clients’ good taste, the particularity of a piece that was the protagonist of the whole project and also the care of our designers with all the details. A breath-taking result!


Jota Barbosa Interiors


Private Villa



Minimalist Entry Hall


With a phenomenal entrance, the foyer of the Pontevedra Villa welcomes you with pieces that assume its simplicity and exalt magnificence in a natural and delicate manner.  


The Vector console, thanks to its American walnut top, has been our clients’ preference for this elegant space. A piece that has a glamorous and chic appearance, giving a sophisticated atmosphere to any entrance hall.


For a more secluded and intimate environment, the lamp’s light brings a sophisticated sense of tranquillity. The beige lacquered structure with gold accents gives the lamp a modern natural touch, adapting to the needs of your space.


The cream-coloured puff is a totally custom-made piece that adds a touch of completeness to this area, showing the balance between all the elements. The painting appears as a background to all this work of art.

Modern, functional and exclusive living room


An environment inserted in an open space, the living room of the Pontevedra project culminated in a modern design, which is concerned in the same proportion with the aesthetics and comfort of those who live there. The combination of textures, colours and materials has given an opening for good taste and a harmonious look to the space.


Concerning comfort, the sofas and armchairs selected to be part of this design present interesting opposites that here deserved a greater challenge, that of making the key piece stand out, namely, the Tv Cabinet.


Velvet, a noble and high quality fabric, is one of the standout materials of this living room. The Fortune sofa, in olive green, came to this space to offer all the space the family needs to receive family and friends. From two to three seats, this sofa also presents a variation with chaise longue. A very comfortable and elegant best-seller, with fabric upholstery that can be customised to suit your needs. 


Complementing the sofa are the cushions, which create a symbiotic effect between the sofas due to their velvet details in the same tone as the sofa. Chance here is totally thought out.


The perfect combination of materials and textures makes the Drum side table a piece with an attractive design that complements any decoration. Thanks to its simple round shape, this piece fits in a sublime way between the two sofas, having a lamp above it for a singular atmosphere.


Still on the subject of upholstery comes the Her armchair in cream tones. The Her armchair has a modern, classically inspired design. The design of the back of the seat adds a charming touch to the piece. A modern and light choice for the living room or bedroom. 

Contemporary dining room 


In a sober setting, with a very own identity, the dining room triumphs the high quality of our production and of the materials applied in each piece. The sideboard in this project is one of several examples of the mastery of an incredible design allied to the subtlety of who produces it. Fully customised for this space, this sideboard in matt oak features led technology to illuminate the entire interior surface, combining a supreme result. The elegant detail of the opening doors gives a singular glamour to the whole environment. 


The dining table of this project joins harmoniously with the rest of the furniture of this incredible open space.  An imposing and powerful piece, the Her dining table for six people follows a minimalist design that fits perfectly in any decorative environment. The fluted legs with bronze lacquered details give the touch of refinement, for family sharing moments. 

Kitchen with pool view


Our presence in the kitchen of this project was found in the bar stools for the island. In a textured fabric in shades of gray, this stool was intended to bring texture and rounded shapes to the space, in order to bring the greatest possible comfort.  


With a modern and elegant design, the Fortune bar stool, in a natural ash structure, is the ideal complement for dining room or kitchen. The deep structure and curvature of the velvety seat offers all the additional comfort. The bold design of the bronze legs adds a distinctive touch.


Rafaela Pereira

“This was one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever had the opportunity to do. The architectural beauty of this house allowed us to create an elegant interior design, with an intimate atmosphere but that would give life to the light that was felt in the space. Stylish Club pieces were the key to this surprising result, bringing luxury, sophistication and beauty to each ambience, always highlighting the high quality of the materials selected. This result, fortunately, exceeded all our expectations.”


Architect and Interior Designer at Jota Barbosa Interiors


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