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Coimbra Villa

Addressed in a historic university city, the Cantanhede Residence project exudes a well-well-outlined firm architecture, giving the interior design the space it needs to breathe and highlight the furniture pieces elegantly and majestically. Environments require cosy atmospheres to make room for moments spent with family, and the designs follow this purpose to bring out what is important.

In this project, we find a decorative style that bets on discretion and sobriety, which raises the sober colours to their peak and where textures and shapes can balance them. The intimacy and cosiness of being at home are mirrored in the choice of materials and in the details that make all the difference. A house thought in and for the future, where quietness and graciousness are its best hosts.



Jota Barbosa Interiors


Private Villa



Balanced and simple living room


The living area gives priority to the tranquillity and comfort that are necessary for the agitation of the most intense days. Wood brings safety and cosiness to the atmosphere, harmoniously surrounding itself with light upholstery fabrics. The paintings add personality and colour to the contemporary style with a singular sophistication.


Ideal for a spacious living room, the sofa with chaise longue has the perfect space for you to welcome friends and guests. The reclining backrest invites relaxing moments. Extremely comfortable and welcoming, the soft velvet fabric upholstery seduces to the touch.


As a support to the leisure area come to the Capri coffee and side tables. The lacquered top with elemental graphite thermolaminate, resting on a matt black iron structure, gives the Capri coffee table an elegant and contemporary look.  


For a moment of reading or finishing work hours, the custom armchairs fit perfectly into this interior design, against the backdrop of two beautiful abstract paintings that transfer all the liveliness and joy to the environment.


An atmosphere conducive to resting in front of the television is accompanied by the customised Tv cabinet. In a matt walnut and matt taupe lacquered structure, this piece was the ideal complement to this modern living room.


All the furniture pieces blend charmingly with the space and with the expectations that our clients place on the environment.

Dynamic and functional dining room


The simplicity and nobility of the materials predominate in the dining room of the Cantanhede project. The environment follows the aesthetic line of the living room, remaining elegantly attractive and functional.


The Porto dining table was exclusively designed to offer the environment extra convenience for guests. The Kelly chairs, with minimalist lines, are adaptable to various rooms and decorative spaces. The upholstered seat in velvet fabric combines perfectly with the walnut-coloured structure, outlined by the sublime feet. A Nordic and elegant chair that gives you every comfort.


For a complete dining room, the Sevilha sideboard adds the expected practicality to the space. A functional piece that enchants its design and elegance, with Nordic inspiration, it features four doors with interior storage space. A piece of furniture based on elegant feet, ideal for minimalist and contemporary environments.


The Slender mirror reflects the natural light that this room has, accompanied by a plan that allows a splendid connection between exterior and interior.

Cosy and charming leisure space


Decorative pieces are often much more than what we can take for granted and in this project, the furniture has only exalted the importance of a good choice of pieces. As a contrast to a light colour palette, the upholstery in this room combines charmingly with all the antiquity of the space.


The James sofa combines all the comfort and softness with a contemporary design. The robust structure upholstered in toasted yellow velvet gives it personality. Thanks to its more classic shape and simple finishes, this model are timeless. The key piece for your living room.


For a good moment of relaxation, the Porto TV cabinet is elegantly integrated into the space, making it functional and light. This piece, created in natural wood, presents a sober and minimalist design. The two doors and two drawers provide plenty of space for additional storage. Essential in any living room, whether modern, Scandinavian, classic or contemporary.


The armchairs upholstered in emerald green velvet bring an irreverent look to the room, full of attitude. Their rounded silhouettes affirmed the distinction that Stylish Club pieces manage to place in spaces, interconnecting in a chromatic premise synchronized with the remaining decorations.

Minimalist and sober suite


In a chromatic scheme that varies between white, beiges and greys, the suite of the project translates a minimalist inspiration for the space. The atmosphere remains sober so that the pieces can express themselves in every way.

To add texture to the space, our design team bet on a slatted panel to serve as the background of this exquisite custom bed. The golden finishes of the pieces were intended to give a glow and a modern beauty to the environment.

Keeping us in a linear and simple aesthetic, the bedside tables of this suite accomplish the ideal purpose of daily practicality and utility. The straight, modern lines of the Bridge night table result in a contemporary and industrial look. A modern and versatile piece that can match different bed styles.


The chest of drawers produced entirely bespoke for the suite has transferred sophistication to the space on a wooden top and a matt lacquered structure. Storage of your clothes is assured by this modern and beautiful design.


The Fortune chair makes a mark for comfort, with a deep back and curved arms. The dark oak finish on the feet adds an organic touch to the look. A very comfortable chair that can complement any environment.

Modern and simple boy’s bedroom


The boy’s bedroom configures a modern and simple style. In a space designed to accompany the little one’s growth, the pieces of this room are presented with all the necessary adaptability, never leaving aside good taste and visual coherence. This piece allows the exhibition of the most special belongings, keeping the special touch of childhood in the space.


Upholstered with a velvet fabric, the Gal bed has a versatile and minimalist design. The detailing on the bed’s headboard has added extra comfort to the space. Elegant and subtle, this piece adapts to any style of decor.


Thanks to its open structure and simple design, the Slender bookcase set was the perfect element to optimise space without forgetting the decorative touch. The combination of the black iron structure with six shelves results in an elegant look. Ideal in more minimalist environments, it can be used as an individual model or as a set.


Our design team recognised the need for teenagers to have an area to put their personal belongings displayed in style, and in this sense, the bookcase was born. A white lacquered piece that highlights what is important.


The illuminated dressing table gives a princess touch to the neutral environment, combined with the Fortune chair that marks comfort, with a deep back and curved arms. The white lacquer finish gives an organic touch to the look. A very comfortable chair that ensures the aesthetics and comfort of any space.

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