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Postmodernism with an eye to the past

25 Agosto 2022


Stylish Club aesthetic lines


Stylish Club stands out as a post-modern brand built on references from the past, while preserving the characteristics of a contemporary label within its aesthetic genesis. We focus on constantly rediscovering distinctive connections between different objects and materials.


Our brand has in its essence the functionalism, being the main aesthetic premise the perfect combination and connection of all products with each other. This motto leads to the creation of a practical and useful aesthetic line, where the rhythmic, synchronized and vertical lines that enhance and simplify the customer’s lifestyle prevail. The sophistication of the metropolis and its functionality are the basis for the designs of our pieces.




The shades of the Stylish Club pieces rest on grays, blacks, and beiges for the symbiotic relationship between designs.






Stylish Club takes risks with finishes to give a differentiated touch to its pieces. Iron, glass, and metals prevail, and the wood comes in different finishes, always emphasizing simplicity and practicality.


The Maison de Verre is a monument all in glass, being one of the canonical houses of the 20th century. It has continued to inspire architects concerned with generating new aesthetic qualities from modern materials to this day, Stylish Club being one of them. 


The Bridge Collection emerges from these sharp and rhythmic lines, with the combination of glass and iron, inspired by this work of art.


Located in the heart of New York City, the Seagram Building is the pinnacle of elegance and the principles of modernism. Mies advocated that “God is in the details” and this principle is in evidence in Seagram’s sophisticated modern building. Composed of glass and metal, forgoing the brick stone used on the facades of decades past, the Seagram building sparked a new era of minimalist skyscrapers that celebrated its minimalist geometries. This entire building inspired the creation of the Manhattan Collection  


An American city with a vertical architecture, the tallest pieces standing out, giving a greater sense of dimension in a cosmopolitan city and an elegant lifestyle. 


As inspiration for the His & Her Collection, we have the São Paulo library. A building that gives primacy to straight silhouettes, with vertical slats that give it a sense of elegant dimension.





Inspirations from our collections


Bridge Collection


Inspired by the Golden Bridge itself, this collection was carefully planned to include simple elements in order to create an idyllic setting. The pieces in this collection recast their own surroundings, creating a connection between different environments and harmonizing the atmosphere where they are introduced. Just as the conception of the Golden Gate served the purpose of connecting two cities, the Bridge collection aims to be an element that brings together spaces with different styles of furniture, unifying ambiances.


In this collection’s design we can easily recognize the main features that make up this iconic bridge, such as the curves of the parabolic cables which contribute to the support of the construction, the intersection of the metallic lines that we can find on its board, and even the towers that result in a perfect fit.




Manhattan Collection


The Manhattan Collection is inspired by a famous New York “Neighborhood”. This area is characterized by the urban and cosmopolitan lifestyle combined with modernity and sophistication. These features are highlighted in this collection, which exhales glamour and elegance through the details. The Manhattan Collection presents itself with a straight and rhythmic silhouette on both horizontal and vertical lines, invoking the constructions in height, provided by the technical/technological developments of modern architecture. 




Voilier Collection 


The Voilier Collection is inspired by the luxury and refinement of yachts and sailboats and their shapes. The art of sailing is an ancient craft that has leveraged the knowledge of the world, through Discoveries. Motivated by its history and symbolism, this collection emerged with robust and dynamic rounded shapes. The Voilier Collection intends to simultaneously transmit a perception of movement and softness, recreating the sensation of navigating in a luxurious yacht.