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Felgueiras Apartment

In bustling figures of a lifestyle where there is little time for breaks, the Felgueiras Apartment Project by Jota Barbosa Interiors thrived on the challenge of bringing tranquility and peace within its walls, striking a balanced contrast between materials and authentic simplicity.

With a focus on the functionality of spaces and smooth contours that redefine contemporary style, this Apartment visualizes its emphasis on the individual expression of pieces that bring comfort and coziness, as well as the customization and adaptation of elements to the space where the spotlight leans toward detail.


Jota Barbosa Interiors





Sophisticated entrance hall


The neutral-toned entrance hall with a slatted panel was an inevitable and inspiring choice to create a welcoming and elegant environment. The lighter shades convey peace, tranquility, and visually expand the space, which was intended for this narrow hallway. A classic and timeless color, the minimalist approach enhances functionality, creating a harmonious atmosphere.


In the hands of imagination and creativity emerges a unique project that thrives on adapted and personalized pieces intertwining in perfect harmony. The Kensington night table and the Fortune console unite, becoming the stunning essence of this loving space. The Kensington night table, with its two drawers, exhibits a sober and modern structure enriched with luxurious details. A touch of classic inspiration gives this piece of furniture exceptional durability. The Fortune console, designed with subtlety and sophistication, rests on smooth lines, revealing itself as the perfect choice to conceive this piece in the entrance hall.

The neutrals in the living room


In a more intimate and reserved character, this living room connects with the rest of the project with a warmer and refined touch. The Tokken sofa, with its chaise lounge, generously provides the necessary space to welcome friends and guests with elegance. The reclining backrest invites moments of pure relaxation, allowing you to indulge in absolute comfort.


To complement this atmosphere, the Capri coffee table, with its high-gloss oak, conveys a touch of unparalleled elegance. The revelation of this noble material shines throughout the space. To seamlessly blend into the room, the lacquered TV base converges with the natural beauty of the high-gloss oak, filling the space with life and glamour, in a wall panel that inspires luxury.


Due to its flexible structure and uncomplicated design, the Slender bookcase proved to be the ideal element to maximize space while always maintaining a decorative touch. The harmonious fusion between the black metal structure and the shelves adds a unique touch.

A tranquil dining room amidst contrasts


Taking on the challenge of dividing an Open Space into three functional zones – Hall, Dining Room, and Living Room – requires vision and skill to create a balanced and welcoming environment. In this journey, neutral tones emerge as allies, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity. It’s the light and cozy textures that embrace each space, inviting the senses to surrender to a haven of comfort.


The contrasts between neutral tones and black emerge as standout features, adding depth and sophistication to the environment. It is in the subtle brushstrokes of black that we find the power to accentuate every detail and create an atmosphere of discreet elegance. It’s a harmonious dance between the gentleness of neutral tones and the boldness of black, resulting in a harmonious balance.


The use of Nero Marquina marble in the Kónica dining table elevates the level of refinement, completing a touch of luxury to the scene. Its majestic presence enriches the ambiance, inviting the eyes to appreciate the refined beauty.


The Fortune chair distinguishes itself with comfort, featuring deep backs and curved arms. The black accent detail throughout the piece seamlessly connects with the darker-toned dining table. A highly comfortable chair that can complement any setting.


The sublime dining room gains an amazing aesthetic appreciation with the imposing presence of the Slender sideboard and mirror. The harmony between efficiency and design unfolds, enveloping the environment in a bubble of unmatched sophistication. The magnificent combination of four mirrored doors with a matte lacquered structure adds a modern and elegant style.

The tranquility that rests in this elegant bedroom


This bedroom is a haven of well-being, where tranquility takes center stage. With its neutral and serene silhouettes, it invites you to unwind and relax. Every detail has been carefully designed to create a comforting environment, such as the Liz bed and the Bridge night table.


The simple lines and textures of the Liz bed complement the lightness of sustainable solid wood legs. The finish evokes a more natural profile, and thanks to its delicate design, it suits any setting, ensuring rest and comfort.


The clean and modern cuts of the Bridge night table result in a contemporary and industrial aesthetic. It is a modern and versatile piece that can harmonize with different bed styles.


Upon entering this space, the eyes are immediately drawn to the slatted panel that adorns one of the walls. The repetitive pattern and the open spaces of the slats create a sense of rhythm and balance, while the choice of a monochromatic color palette conveys a feeling of peace.

A touch of personality


For the closet, the decor remained simple with pops of color to add intensity and life to the space. The pursuit of functionality and elegance simultaneously led to the selection of pieces that provide organization space and prioritize practicality. The white lacquered dressing table adds charm and sophistication to the closet, as well as the Seville chest of drawers.


The Seville chest of drawers captivates with its delicate lines and simplicity. With six drawers coated in a matte finish, it offers generous storage space. It is a sophisticated piece with elegant finishes that seamlessly blends into any bedroom decor style.


The Hilary bench was a bold signature piece in this closet. In a purple fabric, this piece serves as a support for dressing and preparing for the daily routine.

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