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Estrela Palace

With a privileged view over the city of Aveiro, Estrela Palace clearly reflects the classic decorative style in all its atmospheres, distinguishing itself by its symbiosis, which combines the "La Belle Époque" style with its inherent, maximalist charm.

The interior is distinguished by the robustness of the furniture and attractive fabrics such as velvet. The woods in dark and medium tones, with curved lines and elegant fluidity, also stand out, in addition to elements such as metallic accessories in bronze and gold.


Our client selected mostly pieces from the Sublime, Cocktail, Drum, and Club collections to fill her hotel with glamour and luxury.


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The space that transports you to another world


The bedrooms in an Art Deco decor have Club chairs to support the magnificent view. A piece with an irreverent design that inspires luxury and elegance, this is the Club chair. With a structure in velvet, that invites you to enjoy the moments of rest, accompanied by the delicacy of the stainless steel feet, exclusivity will be present in any atmosphere with this chair.

As a support to this reading corner, the ideal choice was the sublime side table. The beige lacquered top contrasts with the identical black base and the luxurious detail of the matte brass foot, making the Sublime side table an exclusive piece. With its glossy notes, besides being practical, this table is a contemporary decorative element for any environment. 

The particularity of the whole project resulted in the furniture pieces being totally customized to the client’s taste and the requests of the space itself. Each room finds a colour that represents it and in this way, the furniture fulfills the purpose of fitting elegantly into that aesthetic.


A dreamy place, the fortune bed carries a peaceful and soft aura so that your nights are of pure rest. Ideal in a minimalist and modern decor. Upholstered in textured beige velvet, this design piece stands out for its versatility in combining in several decoration styles. A piece of authentic comfort.


For practical and functional support without compromising on heartfelt luxury comes the Drum side table. The perfect combination of materials and textures makes the Drum side table an attractively designed piece that complements any decor. Thanks to its simple round shape, it can be combined with various environments.


A side table that serves as a support for moments of relaxation, the Drum is an excellent complement to a living room, bedroom or office in a contemporary style.


A common connection between all the bedrooms is the ornate details, typically classic, given by the pieces of the Sublime Collection. This collection is characterized by the use of brass, a noble and sophisticated material, and the lacquered surfaces, which provide the piece with the representative shine of Art Deco. Pieces with voluptuous lines, but nevertheless comfortable and cozy, are what define Art Deco, as well as our collection.

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