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Braga Villa

Located in a residential area, the Jota Barbosa Interiors developed a villa based on a sophisticated, luxurious, and elegant atmosphere. In the social area, this is evident in the choice of warm colours and timeless materials: cream tones, woods, and noble stones associated with navy blue.

The classic style has filled the spaces of this villa in a stunning way. The accentuation of colour, with a wealth of detail, evokes the luxury and good taste of our clients. Noble woods were used to clad the pieces of Braga’s villa, emphasizing the well-marked lines and the more robust formats of the furniture pieces. The spaces are now filled with timeless elements of sublime appreciation.


Jota Barbosa Interiors


Private Villa



A classic inspired living room


The living room living area features a warm tone and a selection of cosy materials and finishes. This living room has a number of highlights, from the fireplace set into a marble column, with gold accents, to the sturdy and irreverent coffee tables. The iconic beige velvet sofa in the same colour as the armchair, gives the space a contemporary, classically inspired style, at the highest level of design and quality.


A very comfortable and elegant best-seller, with fabric upholstery that can be customised to suit your needs. The perfect versatile complement for your living room. The Fortune coffee table features a matt brass frame, which contrasts with the natural tone of the gloss blackened oak tops and drawers. A contemporary straight line design that will add a modern and elegant touch to your interior space.

Charming and inviting dining room


In an elegantly classical design, the dining room brings out the versatility of the Stylish Club pieces. The Bridge dining table produced in exotic wood demarcates the dining area and makes this piece the highlight of the space. The bespoke Milan chairs in shades of blue give life and attitude to the environment, in addition to a singular comfort.


The Fortune sideboard within the same line served as support to this dining area, creating the perfect harmony. Finess is breathed throughout this luxurious dining room.

An elegant Entry Hall


A very important space to welcome your guests, in the entrance hall of this project the key was to bring out the good taste in the space. Thanks to its gloss blackened oak top and bronze glass, the Vector console has a glamorous and chic appearance. The ideal piece to achieve a sophisticated atmosphere in your entrance hall.


The Sublime console, lacquered in high gloss black and beige gloss, with details in polished brass, highlights the charm and nobility of the design of this piece. The elegance that those who enter your home find in the smallest details. The entrance hall is the invitation to impress your guests.

A Bedroom with attitude


A more discreet client requested a room in shades of blue and gray, in a very mature colour palette. With this starting point, our team of interior designers Jota Barbosa Interiors designed an environment with a sober atmosphere, privileging the comfort of the pieces and especially their adaptability over time. A magnificent simplicity was the result of this room in Braga’s Villa. 


The Milos chest of drawers with six drawer block, follows simple contemporary lines. With high standard finishes that make it a piece as elegant as it is durable. The suede top seduces to the touch which allows you to invest in your personal items to decorate this space. A piece of furniture with a modern design, ideal for any room. Customizable in shape and materials.

Intimate and elegant bedroom

For the couple’s bedroom, the bed was selected with an infinity headboard that reaches both ends of the wall, upholstered in beige velvet with a soft and unique touch. The choice of Sublime night tables was designed to enhance the feeling of harmony and warmth, in a room that radiates love and passion. 


With a simple design that fits any decorative style, the Milan bed is a piece that inspires elegance and cosiness. The height of the headboard is perfect to lie back and read or enjoy. The details in the upholstery are truly artistic creations. An excellent option for a large and elegant bedroom, and customizable in size.


To complement this resting area comes the sublime bedside table. A luxury piece that presents a high-quality design with exquisite finishes. A harmonisation of different styles and textures that fits in any decorative environment. The ideal piece of furniture to complement your bedroom.

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A spirit of modernity and luxury extends throughout the interior design project created by Jota Barbosa Interiors. The combination of soft and light tones, in all rooms, based on a composition of finishes and high-quality materials, represents the success of this large-scale project.
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