At Stylish Club you will find at your disposal
a capable and prepared team to support you in your projects. The brand mission is, in addition to transmitting local cultural values, to contribute so that crafts such as traditional
joinery and upholstery are not lost to current production technologies, thus promoting the enrichment of furniture design.


Stylish Club has a sample set with about 45 samples of materials and finishes for

furniture and 40 samples of fabrics and leather for upholstery, through which you can customize each product.

All of our furniture products are developed
on average with 3 standard dimensions, however, it is possible to adapt a particular
piece to the desired size and configuration.
Present your needs to our design team and they will evaluate your request and what the possibilities are allowed according to each product.


For Stylish Club, the fabrics represent visionary design and
high-quality textile creations that set new trends several times. Our sample box includes about 40 fabric samples, natural leather included, thus offering an elegant range of possible finishes for our upholstery. However, Stylish Club is available to indicate the amount of fabric needed for a given product, for you to supply your own fabric.


Through stones, it’s possible to evoke emotions and provide spaces with a unique personality and a timeless beauty. As standard marble options, Stylish Club offers Dark Emperador, Light Emperador, Carrara, Amani Pulpis and Sahara Noir marble. However, we can customize our pieces with different marbles that you need to match your project needs.

Nowadays, metalwork can be truly artistic to design a wide range of structures and details. From the beginning, Stylish Club has no restrictions on using different processes and tools to shape new designs, giving our pieces a rough, yet powerful expression.
In the set of standard samples from Stylish Club, you will find stainless steel (polished, matte and brushed), brass (polished, matte and brushed bronze) , and stainless steel with a dark nickel finish.


Regarding the lacquered finishes, as standard colors you can find black, white, neutral tones like beige and taupe and even some special finishes like brownish-green, brownish-grey and metallic brushed bronze. However, for the lacquered finish, Stylish Club opens doors to the interior designers and decorator imagination, so they can indicate RAL or NCS colors in order to personalize our pieces (colors available in matt and gloss finishing).

As standard wood veneers, Stylish Club offers natural oak wood veneer, eucalyptus wood veneer and ebony makassar pre-compound wood veneer (different shades, matt or shiny finish).

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