Stands out as a post-modern brand 
built on references from the past, while preserving the characteristics of a contemporary label within its
aesthetic genesis.

We focus on constantly
rediscovering distinctive
connections between
different objects
and materials.

The following set of pieces
is a selection that we consider to be the Stylish Club icons.


It is a selection containing the most sought and most emblematic furniture from

Stylish Club. All of them were developed following the brand identity where materials, techniques, and inspirations that support our club’s DNA are explored.

Through them, Stylish Club aims to provide impressive interior design ideas and
provide the ambitious drive to project the unexpected sophistication.

Take a look, discover and surprise with 
each one.

Inspired by an urban, cosmopolitan, modern, and sophisticated neighbourhood.  The plastic language of the Manhattan Collection is presented with a straight  and rhythmic silhouette both in the horizontal lines as in verticals, invoking buildings in height, provided by the technical/technological developments of modern/international architecture, we add the modernity of New York City to the sophistication of the Manhattan neighbourhood through the metallic details in brass like the trims and handles, associated with a noble wood like the high gloss Ebony Makassar wood veneer.

The essential part of all inspiration came to our designer from 375 Park Avenue, Midtown Manhattan, NYC, The Seagram. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and completed in 1958. The particular design and construction of the Seagram building were largely driven by the vision of the then-twenties Phyllis Lambert, daughter of Seagram founder Samuel Bronfman. The 38-story building (157 meters), 78.876 square meters, with construction in structural steel, concrete, and bronze raised the mind and the inspiration that allowed the development of one of our masterpieces

The Kensington collection is inspired by the British “Neighbourhood” that gives it its name. This characteristic English neighbourhood has one of the most important palaces in England, where distinguished personalities of the English monarchy were housed, from Queen Victoria to Princess Diana. The Kensington neighbourhood is defined by the architecture of the houses, which is identical among all those that fill each street, which makes each avenue different from the others.

The traces present in the Kensington night table represent the well-defined lines of the facades of the houses in this neighbourhood. English class and elegance are sumptuously represented in this collection by the noble materials like brass and ebony wood veneer.

Inspired by the disruption of the traditional, Fortune coffee table contemplates the joining of different materials and the combination of straight lines. The Fortune coffee table escape the conceptualization of existing furniture, providing a new way of facing elegance and glamour.

Inspired by the Golden Bridge itself, this collection was carefully
planned to include simple elements in order to create an idyllic setting. The pieces in this collection recast their own surroundings, creating a connection between different environments and harmonizing the atmosphere where they are introduced. Just as the conception of the Golden Gate served the purpose of connecting two cities, the Bridge collection aims to be an element that brings together spaces with different styles of furniture, unifying ambiences. In this collection’s design, we can easily recognize the main features that make up this iconic bridge, such as the curves of the parabolic cables which contribute to the support of the construction, the intersection of the metallic lines that we can find on its board, and even the towers that result in a perfect fit.

The Sublime collection is influenced by Art Deco, born under the burst of bright colors and shades, mirroring the elegance and glamour of the 1920’s and aiming to be the inspiration of life. This collection is characterized by the use of brass, a noble and sophisticated material, and the lacquered surfaces, which provide the piece with the representative shine of Art Deco. Pieces with voluptuous lines, but nevertheless comfortable and cosy, are what define Art Deco, as well as our collection.

The Voilier night table and its collection are inspired by the luxury and refinement of yachts and sailboats and their shapes. The art of sailing is an ancient craft that has leveraged the knowledge of the world, through the Discoveries. Motivated by its history and symbolism, this collection emerged with robust and dynamic rounded shapes. The Voilier collection intends to simultaneously transmit a perception of movement and softness, recreating the sensation of navigating in a luxurious yacht.

The Metals brought a static sense of control to the pieces that made them unique, timeless and extremely elegant in form.

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